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Ingress'i KKK

Feel free to poke around these help topics to find just what you're looking for.

Sample title

XM stands for “Exotic Matter”. XM is represented as glowing blue dots throughout the world.

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Media is a special drop obtained by hacking a portal. It will generally be an image of a picture or document, or a video file.

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A Portal is a “gateway” established by the shapers, and is used to create links and fields.

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The Capsule is a rare container that can be loaded with multiple inventory items, which can be dropped on the ground to bulk transfer items between Agents.

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A resonator is a device used by both factions to control the portals. In order for any player to "own" or capture a portal, they must place down at least one resonator.

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XMP Bursters

XMP Bursters are offensive weapons used against opposing faction portals. A burster will always be fired from the point where you are standing.

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Portal mods

A portal mod is an additional item you can add to a portal to defend it or change its behaviour.

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A link is a line between two portals, connecting them.

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Portal Keys

A portal key is a device that allows you to view a specific portal that has been hacked into. It will only access the portal from which it was retrieved.

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Control Fields

A control field is an area of coverage made up by (exactly) three connected links to control/protect “Mind Units” contained within the field. How many “Mind Units” are determined by the area of the field and the population density within that field.